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Contingency Search


NCS will conduct an in-depth search but only receive payment when we produce results. A Contingency Search, is a complete recruiting solution, not simply a resume referral service.

NCS sources, refers and recruits professionals across the country. Our services includes:

  • Sourcing potential candidates.
  • Conduct detailed interviews with each individual to determine his/her current situation, skills, availability and update their credentials.
  • Prior to presenting any qualified candidate, we disclose the identity of our client, explain the opportunity in great detail, and carefully assess the candidate’s interest. 
  • Resumes are only sent to clients after the candidate has given permission. NCS will includes a cover letter summarizing the candidates  qualifications,  current salary, desired salary and any issues or needs regarding relocation or visas.


Retained Search


Recruiting and hiring qualified executives is a critical functions that requires time and expense. The client pays an agreed upon retainer when the search is initiated, and additional payments are scheduled throughout the designated search period. Full payment is made for the search itself and is not contingent upon placement.


Recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates for executive and key technical positions is a critical function that requires a great deal of time and expertise:

  • NCS offers highly personalized service along with its unique ability to attract Information Technology leaders.
  • Our experience and vast network of resources means we can help you expand and build upon your leadership capital to reach and exceed your goals. 


Contracted Services

NCS will work within your organization and direct source to fulfill critical staffing needs.

  • Coordination of the Employment process between line managers and Human Resources.
  • Sources and evaluation potential candidates in direct competition industry, parallel industry, and unrelated industry.
  •  Assisting/influencing management through the decision making process.
  • Control the employment process through closure.
  • Use Consultative methods when deemed necessary.