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The Search Process

Objectives and Specifications

NCS will meet with your organization to learn more about the company and gain a clear understanding of your business and culture. NCS develop a profile of the desired candidates and determined the scope of responsibilities. At this stage of the process, we have in-depth discussions related to responsibilities, compensation, and expectations. NCS goal is develop and action plan with the client and set mutually agreed upon dates to accomplish major steps in the search process, accurately define the position and the qualities desired in the candidate.

Identify Potential Candidates

NCS will identify targeted sources and and potential candidates. We recruit the most talented candidates from the targeted industry. Then we assess the potential candidate with you to obtain feedback during this process.


NCS will facilitates the candidates review process and obtain post interview feedback from the client and the candidates.


NCS will serve as a liaison in the final interview process and negotiate salary and benefits as recommended by the client.


NCS involvement does not end when an offer is accepted.  NCS acts as a liaison between the candidate and the client to make the transition as smooth as possible.